My First Thoughts on SvelteKit

Ferhat Erdogan

Ferhat Erdogan / January 19, 2022

3 min read

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My First Thoughts on SvelteKit

I always use Next.js. It is necessary for me. However, I wanted to try another tool to improve myself. I decided to try SvelteKit, which I've heard a lot lately.

The things I saw and briefly wrote to you are my first experiences. Maybe these problems have easy solutions, I need to explore more.

Let's start with cons

1 - There is no global CSS file

Really... Look what I'm worried about... There is no global CSS file to cover all files. I had to add "style=" to most elements until I fixed the issue. In my opinion, it would be more comfortable if such a file was given at the beginning :)

There is no global CSS file

2 - No advanced special packages

I think this is a major minus. Yes, certainly SvelteKit has some great packages, but they are insufficient. For example, auth. Next.js has next-auth and SvelteKit has sk-auth. But sk-auth has less features, and as it says below, it is inspired by next-auth. I'm not saying it's definitely bad, there's a lot of work on it. However, when you look at the overall ecosystem, you will see that most packages are not available. Although these shortcomings are being covered, I recommend that you be prepared for this.

No advanced special packages

3 - IDE support needs improvement

Compared to other frameworks, there is much that needs to be improved. For example, I had to add extra package to use VSCode Svelte plugin with prettier. This package was made by the Svelte team, and I'm glad about it. But as I said, I think this should be easier.

IDE support needs improvement

What about pros?

1 - Absolutely too fast

It compiles Svelte to vanilla JavaScript, nothing else. This turns your site into a rocket. You don't need to use virtual DOM. Much cleaner, faster code.

Absolutely too fast

2 - It looks very simple to use

I've tested most of it, it's very similar to the directories we're used to from other frameworks. At the same time, the usage logic is very easy and you don't have to deal with unnecessary work.

It looks very simple to use

3 - Promising and growing community

SvelteKit is still very new. However, the works done show that it will have a good future. At the same time, its community is growing day by day. If it goes this way, a strong competitor will come to today's frameworks.

Promising and growing community

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