How to reach thousands of people with Reddit?

Ferhat Erdogan

Ferhat Erdogan / March 03, 2022

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Reddit is a great platform with millions of users. Today I'm going to talk to you about how I gathered thousands of people for my tech news website on Reddit and how I found customers for the SaaS I've sold.

Firstly, What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. You can join subreddits created for a specific topic, interact with posts or create a new post.

Actually, Reddit Is A Traffic Monster

You heard right, Reddit is a traffic monster. It is possible to get close to 300 page views with just 60-70 upvotes, I can't even think of 1000 upvotes! I guess your content goes viral from then on.

How Did I Bring Thousands of People to My Website with Reddit?

Yes, my story started with starting a tech news website. I called it Ekofi Nitro, set everything up and started publishing news. However, there was no traffic. So I started surfing the internet for this and suddenly I thought of Reddit. I did some research and found subreddits specific to each post and started sharing my posts.

And... my views skyrocketed

My Reddit Views

I was bringing in about 350 people a day, that's about 10500 per month!

My Google Analytics Views

And of course I responded & interacted with all the commenters. Reddit's upvote system is invaluable. For example, if about 10 people come to your website when you share the post, 70-80 people instantly access your website when you get an upvote.

It went like this for a long time...

(By the way, I sent it to places where the news wasn't shared at the time, so my priority was to be the first to share the news, I did this through my website)

My Reddit Views 2

r/Science is number one for sure!

My Reddit Views 3

You should win in unpopular subs too!

My Reddit Views 4

Views = views, the more the better!

My Reddit Views 5

Don't think 10 upvotes are too few. This depends on the size of the subreddit, if the sub has few contributors, you're at the top. And it's actually a war strategy, you can't be first in popular subs without being top in a unpopular sub.

In million subs, getting 100 upvotes will blow you away! You can also turn the algorithm in your favor by discussing & interacting in the chat! You can also double the virality by sharing the Reddit post on other forum sites - Discord groups.

And some of the people who visited my site came back and became my long-term customers! (I collected them on my mailing list) It didn't happen all at once, but I was able to get subs in 6 months.

My Mailchimp Audience

Communication is very important, you should get as close to customers as possible! You will also see those who are looking for answers to their questions in the comments, as well as those who say they just liked the post. I also sent a DM to interested users:

My Reddit DMs

Frankly, it's more important to establish intimacy with interested users. Even now I try not to get carried away with them, I still chat from time to time. They can be my potential customers again in the future!


It was a great adventure for me... Even though my site is currently down, I was able to earn some money later by adding Adsense. It was a great adventure for me... Even though my site is currently down, I was able to earn some money later by adding Adsense. In this way, I have seen the incredible power of Reddit. At the same time, I developed a SaaS application last year and gathered around 350 people using the same method. I successfully sold it, and I owe Reddit a lot!

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