What freelance platforms cannot prevent: Narcissism

Ferhat Erdogan

Ferhat Erdogan / March 01, 2022

3 min read


My Story

I've been working on Fiverr and Upwork for a few months now, earning additional income. Although some of my friends advised me to be platform independent, I did not quite succeed. But getting quick-jobs from these platforms is better than nothing.

I met so many people through these platforms. Various people from different countries, with different understandings...

I have had customers with whom I communicated very well, and some with whom I communicated at an average level. I've always tried to be very generous. I tried to do my best to help.

But... Some of my clients were narcissistic.

Yes, narcissistic. They treat the people they serve as their slaves. They pay very little, but they want the best of everything.

As you know, these platforms include revision-style stuff. These narcissistic friends don't even care, they don't know what respect is. I once told my narcissistic client on Fiverr that the revision right had gone and he didn't listen. I wrote to Fiverr's support and the response I got was "try to help as much as you can".

Why are we always trying to help? In this system, we are always the oppressed. 20% commission, laborer-style work and all that...

Let's remember, you don't choose your customers on Fiverr, they choose you.

My Bad Experience

I once tried to do the work of someone whose site was so bad (he said it was 20 years old). The guy says fix a little bug, but everything on the site is broken. I had to almost redo his entire site for a minor fix.

I did what he asked and he asked for revision for something completely different. He wanted to add a new feature with his revision rights, not change (revise) my work.

I said no but...

My narcissistic client said this

He said that.

Yep, that was it for $15 bucks. But because he wrote it that way, I continued, "Of course I'd like to help you," out of embarrassment.

Then I continued to deal with the garbage site (yes, 20 years old garbage). And because it bothered me so much, I asked him to cancel the order, saying it wasn't worth for $15. Indeed, to give an example, repairing the engine of a new car is one thing, repairing the engine of a very old car is quite another. This job was similar.

He didnt cancel the order

He did not cancel his order. The response I got was keep trying. Yes, I'd keep trying if I wanted to...

Reward: 2 Stars and a Negative Comment

Wonderful! My owner (:D) gave me 2 stars a negative comment. "We would have started a new order if he wanted to," he says in his comment. Haha, after you sent me the above message? If you really wanted to start a new order, you could say "Thank you, I'm closing this order now. Let's move on to a new one!".

As a result, the views of my Gigs has dropped. No more orders.

And this isn't the first time I've experienced it. Every time an order is given to me, I ask myself "Is there a narcissist in front of me?" I think doubt.

We make all the sacrifices. We pay the %20 commissions. We get the bad words. It's time to put a stop to this thing.

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